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GreyHi there! My name is Helena Grey and I’m thrilled to host you for a bit in the little quiet lair I’ve curved out for ourselves here in cyber space.

A little bit about my life:-

I am blessed to have an amazing twenty-something-year-old son that is currently studying for his undergrad in Computer Engineering. I am a Belgian citizen with a Kenyan and Tanzanian heritage, and now residing in the USA on and off since 2010. I am a fashion and interior designer by trade. I hold a Masters degree in Contemporary International Politics and Security Studies and an MBA in Finance and accounting, a career I left behind a few years ago to explore our planet as an Air Hostess with the world’s largest airline here in the US, a job that has me hopping back and forth across the pond on a weekly basis.

About this space:-

The name, Loving Lair, comes from a deep desire to become love, and to create loving spaces in our literal homes as well as our literary world here on the blog. I enjoy using the depth of my voice and the cadence of my language to communicate creative interests and ultimately to nurture and host a space that tells stories and perspectives culled from our collective experiences, starting conversations that foster hospitality while allowing for the expressions of diverse thoughts, lifestyles, values and beliefs.

I blog about matters of faith at least weekly as I detail my walk with my loving Father and share the exploits I experience with Him. I believe charity begins at home, thus creating a loving lair as living space is key to us living loving wholesome lives that bless others. All human beings are beautiful when they are loved, and no one can love better than our loving father. Loving is the purpose of our father and as such, he pursuit of love has to be our highest calling and our most noble pursuit. In the end, it is love that beautifies and saves us.

I cherish the femininity within as I believe it is one of the greatest gifts a woman can bestow to the world as it embodies a gentle and peaceful spirit which blesses everyone, and its masculinity complement in its virility as we give of our feminine graces. Together, we create loving lairs for our loved ones at home, unearthing within us a drive to beautify the world around us, displaying an interesting mix of creativity and whimsy, resulting in restful havens for those we love to come home to and be tended to, nurtured, nestled and nested. Thank you for choosing to share in the journey to becoming love. Welcome to the blog!

ღ Cheers, Ms. Grey ღ

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