November’s Refinement

3 minutes

November began with some apprehension on my part, but it’s ended up being one of my best months where I have seen the hand of the Lord move mightily in my life. Early on this month, I felt the nudge from my father telling me to lay it all down and surrender everything to him. You see, when we go through trials, it’s easy to let our hearts become calloused, even apostate in a sense. While we may no longer be actively fighting our battles, our heart posture might be the very opposite of submission to God. When the Lord began to nudge me about this issue, I struggled to know what else I could do. So in prayer, he gently began to instruct my heart. By the end of that first week, I had made a phone call or two to clear the air, all in obedience to my father’s instructions.

I now know that one cannot be sitting down, supposedly meekly, on the outside, while in reality, they are standing defiantly on the inside. God, who sees the heart, does not allow us to pretend or cut corners. He desires humility to a level few humans are willing to subject themselves to. But for those who do, he does lift them up in due time, so it bears to lay down whatever pride we might still be holding on to as we follow God’s lead. Me laying down my pride and assuming a humble heart posture has been the most rewarding experience in my life. It reminds me of the verse about casting our cares on him and to instead take on his yoke because his burden is light. Pride is a heavy burden to carry. Humility is liberating. Trusting God is the most freeing experience in a believer’s life.

with the last shreds of my pride shed, now properly clothed in humility, God has been able to work a lot more rapidly in my life concerning those things he has promised me. I am currently enjoying the beginning fruits of that obedience on my part. God is so good to us, so much so that even when we are faithless, He remains faithful. I am sitting in awe, watching the fulfillment of his promises to me unfold little by little. I am too weary to celebrate, so all I’m doing is watching, observing, and taking it all in quietly. I had a 7-day fast this month leading up to Thanksgiving day, which is when I say God’s miracles begin to unfurl in earnest as we whispered strategies in my heart and showed me the way forward. Once it all sinks in, I should find some time in December to fast and pray in thanksgiving to him, because what he says he shall do, he does.

November has been a month of refinement in my walk with the Lord. As a captive audience in a metal tube, I get even more time to dedicate to his word with fewer distractions. Even as I work, he speaks to my heart clearly and frequently. I love that he is everywhere and not just in my secret closet at home. Rather, he is in the secret place of my heart so I get to take him with me everywhere. I spend time with him in my layover hotels and we have a good ol’ time catching up and chatting. I’ve been home for the second half of November so I got to spend the holidays with my small family here. I’ve been watching the trees shed the last of their leaves so I know a lot of bagging awaits me when I’ll next be home -something to look forward to 🙂 I’ll check in with you all in December. Till then, God bless x


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