Wrestling While Waiting

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Friends, I did not realize that the Christian walk is characterized by waiting. Stillness, trusting, and waiting -these seem to go hand in hand. There will be the occasional ‘fight!’ command, but waiting is more the norm as we seek to grow in the Lord. Sometimes we will wonder if we are to wait at all. It doesn’t help that we’re never quite sure of what exactly he’s having us wait. We might have an inkling, but we never know for sure. Are we to walk through a door should it open up? Are we to keep waiting? How long before he speaks again? Are we doing what he wants us to do? Are we pleasing to him? Is there a chance we took a detour, got it wrong, ended up in a place not assigned for us, a chance he’s displeased with us? Might he be displeased with our progress -are we too slow in catching on, or are we running far ahead of him? Does he wish for us to slow down or to pick up speed? Are we even still on the path he denoted for us? So many great debates take place in our minds while we sit impatiently in God’s waiting room. 

Whatever we conjure up about our situations, all debates serve no purpose, for, in the end, the Lord will do his good will. “For God is working in you, giving you the desire and the power to do what pleases himPhilippians 2:13. That is a comforting verse, that our desires come from him, and that the power to please him comes from him too. It is enough to know that Adonai will be good to those who seek him, those who wait on him -as per Lamentations 3:25The LORD is good to those who wait for Him, To the person who seeks Him.” 

When for answers,

I have to sit and wait

I find with myself . . .

having a great debate.

I questions if it’s just,

my will I’m praying for

or will I wait for God

to open the right door.

When for feedback,

I have to wait to hear

I listen for God . . .

to whisper in my ear.

I start to think if it’s just,

myself I’m talking to

or is God telling me . . .

what I should go and do.

When for answers,

God has me waiting

I have learned it’s not . . .

worth my debating!

~ ~ ~

Deborah Ann Belka


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