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A few questions cross my mind as I watch current affairs unfolding on various channels. Are we, the church-bride, ready to meet our groom, Jesus, or are we too distracted playing Christian nationalism and/or progressive Christianity? Are we doing church or are we following the word of God? Are we reading the word of God for ourselves or are we allowing others to mislead us? Are we pursuing righteousness or are we distracted with politics and/or the latest wind of change? 

The topic of politics and religion crosses my mind from time to time. As a political major and a Christian, current affairs do not escape me. My Social Media algorithm hasn’t succeeded in restricting my content to just one viewpoint because I consume content from all across the divide. The news that comes from world and national current affairs is dismal. It makes me glad to be a Christian with a citizenship in heaven.

It will do us well to remember that during Jesus’ ministry, he operated outside both religion and politics. He came and found those systems, already corrupt, in place. He executed his salvation work expediently and exited the earth, leaving those corrupt systems behind, systems that endure to this day. And so in Mark 8:15, he warned us about it too: “And he charged them, saying, Take heed, beware of the leaven of the Pharisees (religion), and of the leaven of Herod (politics).

Watch out for Church and State. Are we caught up playing religion? Are we caught up trying to decide which party aligns closest with our religious beliefs? Are we caught up in a political party’s agenda, a political ideology, propaganda? Are we trapped in a church that keeps revising the word of God to accommodate new ideology, current cultural phenomena? Banish the thought! Both are two sides of the same coin, a distraction from the kingdom work at hand. 

When Jesus walked this earth, he met the people where they were and loved them there. He left them not as they were but changed their lives. He was kind to the poor; fed the hungry; healed the sick; comforted the battered; forgave the sinner without leaving them in their sin (go and sin no more…). He loved the sojourner (foreigner), for he too was a sojourner, as we all are.

That which commands your attention today will determine where you will go at the end of the ages. That which preoccupies your time today will dictate that. Whatever you do, make sure you meet with your savior and enter his eternal rest. I beseech you brethren, do not get caught up in the affairs of this world that is passing away. Set your mind on things above and run your race well. Turn neither to the left nor to the right (pun intended), instead, straining forward to what lies ahead, pressing on toward the goal to win the prize of God’s heavenly calling in Christ Jesus. Set about your father’s business and keep your eye on the prize.  


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