The Bend In The Path | Poem

3 minutes

 No journey is a straight line, the twists, turns and corners are what make it an exciting adventure. What are we to make of the forks in the road and the bends in the path? How are we to react when oftentimes, we take two steps forward and one back? In the right company, life should be a beautiful adventure, and putting your hand in God’s hand can make it so. In fact, it is guaranteed to make it so. 

A life with God is not a life free of troubles, for after all, we still live in a fallen world. But God promises to be with us through it all, for he says he will never leave us, nor forsake us (Deut.31:6). With that certainty, therein lies the adventure to life’s journeys, for forward we must keep moving, because the God we serve is not a stagnant God. He is one we can trust to move us forward. He is ever ready to hold our hand and lead us on when we trust him and put our hand in his. He has never lost a sheep, and he never will. We can trust him on life’s journeys, to get us to our destination. 

We are all on a journey

A trek here on earth

We are all on a path

That started with birth

Our paths are connected

Our paths are apart

Our paths are lit with sunshine

And at times in the dark

Some paths are long and narrow

Others short, winding ways

At times the rocks and the hills

Go on endless for days

There are things that lay waiting

There are twists, turns and strife 

And who knows what lies

‘Round the bend of our life

No matter the place

On your path you may be

There is a Guide who will lead

He is Jesus, you see

He knows all our paths

From beginning to end

He is the one who sees

What lies ’round the bend

So why would we travel

Without the help of our Guide

When He is so willing

To walk by our side

© Steven Brown, 2015


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