Every Scar Has A Story | Poem

3 minutes

The Apostle Paul says in 2 Corinthians 11:30If I must boast, I will boast of the things that show my weakness.” Infact, he instructs in several verses that if one must boast, then they should boast in their weakness, for it is in one’s weakness that Christ is made strong. In application, we all receive woundings on our journeys through life, if we must boast, it is these weaknesses that we will boast about. The scars we accumulate on life’s journeys -and no one escapes unscathed- tell the story of the battles we fought and point to the God that won those battles for us. Find one such poem below, telling a beautiful and compelling story of their scars while still on their journey.

Every scar has a story.

What will mine tell?

What will come of this

when I’m better, when I’m well?

I want my scar to tell

of how I’ve overcome,

of how I made it through,

of where I have come from.

I want my scar to whisper

about the pain I faced,

about this very hard time,

about the marathon I raced.

But mostly I want my scar

to speak of something greater

I want it to shout

about my living Creator.

Let my scar be evidence

that there is a loving Lord

who fought my scary battles

and on whose wings I soared.

Let my scar proclaim

that all things work for good,

that by myself I couldn’t

but with my God I could.

Let them take a look.

Let them peek and see.

My scar shows God is great.

It points to Him, not me. 

© Kristina M. DeCarlo, 2015


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