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I have so enjoyed challenging myself this month to write a post everyday this Vlogtober month. I enjoy blogging very much because I seem to need to write both on my darkest days as well as my most exciting ones. Tracking along on my social media is Twitter (another writing platform), the only platform that’s remained active and alive no matter what season of my life I’m in. By this, I can tell that I am a writer. I live and breathe to write. It should come as no surprise to someone that has journaled their entire life. It’s how I process my feelings of both joy and sorrow, how I make sense of life, how I connect with others. 

The posts this month have been all over the place. Some I had typed long ago and hadn’t the courage to post. Others I drummed up on the fly. Using my blog as my brain dump allows me to transfer all the mumbled thoughts from my head to these tabs so they see the light of day. As I peruse the blog titles I’ve posted, I can see areas where I still have hang-ups, areas that are still a work in progress, and those where I’ve got a made-up mind. Notions of waiting on the Lord have dominated most of these posts, alerting me to the need to press into Adonai and keep surrendering my will to his; to understand that even though he tarries, to then tarry with him in quiet faith and trust that he is working everything out for my good. 

My vacation with my beloved dwindles as I rejoin the system that primarily serves mammon tomorrow. I am not too thrilled about it but I am so very grateful for the changes that will take me away from my home time and again, allowing me to broaden my world and open up to other opportunities, the kind that you don’t find while you’re confined to your home. I welcome the exposure to a brave new big post-pandemic world out there, just waiting to embrace me. My bags are packed ready and my house is in order as I eagerly await where the Lord will lead, what new adventures he’ll take me on, and what mountains we shall leap over. I trust my beloved will keep me close and help me keep him as the main focus of my life, even amidst the hustle and bustle of life; I pray the same for you. Next month, I get back to my regular weekly posting schedule. I thank you all for coming along on the journey. 


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  1. Lexi
    October 31, 2021 / 10:42 AM

    It’s been such a joy walking with you through this season. Here’s to new blessings and stories that will encourage others to believe in the power of grace and new beginnings.

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