March of Promise

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And here, March comes to a close. March the month of spring, of new life and new beginnings. With all its promise, March did not fail to deliver. Infact, it surpassed set goals and expected outcomes. For 2 years now, I felt in my spirit that March was going to be a significant month for me. I wasn’t sure which March, but since my Pilgrim’s Progress journey began a couple of years ago, March 5th marked the day I came to the end of myself and heeded the call to hand over the reigns of my life to God, which I did with great relief and reckless abandon. Still I watched the calendar expectantly, knowing March would have a special meaning. 

Last year’s March wasn’t quite the party for me as I was progressively discarded and publicly replaced photographically on all social media platforms with bodacious captions. I clung to God tighter as my private hell went public, even as the entire world spun out of control in the grips of a pandemic that mercifully brought me the cover I needed to step off the field for much-needed timeout to rest. 

This March began with the same drudgery, the same dance, stuck in the same time warp. From one night to the next, I went to bed on one side of the dystopia and woke up on the other side -the good side, the rest-of-my-life side. That date was 3/3. It’s nothing I did; I somehow just knew the soul-tie had severed. Without my participation or manipulation, I was gifted my freedom, with my heart intact to give to another. 

This is not the March I had envisioned, for instead of wedding bells ringing, freedom rang supreme as the liberty bells tolled to the dance in my heart. I had cried one last tear the night before, a cleansing that my mellowed heart resignedly absorbed then graciously expunged. Finally rid of the sting of the scorpion, leaving the venom behind, along with the stench of a life past, my heart finally free to fly again. 

“No trumpets sound when the important decisions of our life are made. Destiny is made known silently” ~ Agnes de Mille

I’ve been busy this March, but then again, not really. It’s been a happy month, a new month, a fresh beginning, a litany of proposals, both decent and indecent. To God I must always cling, for these rough seas are not to be navigated without my Captain; my boat would surely capsize if I imagined I could go it alone! Already courters are being tossed overboard without my striving, for I have learnt the power of prayer to weed out ‘les indésirables’. I must say, I’m enjoying my life so very much, and it’s only been one month 😉 Stay with me, won’t you! The journey continues…



  1. Sage
    April 3, 2021 / 5:45 PM

    May God Bless you in all endeavors

    • Helena Grey | Loving Lair
      April 3, 2021 / 5:47 PM

      May he bless you in kind, that everything you do may prosper 🙏

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