As Fall Falls

3 minutes

October has been yet another beautiful month in our household. There has been so much love to go around as God continues to permeate our loving lair with his abiding joy and endless love. He continues to amaze me as He ordains both circumstances and happenstance for His divine purpose in each of our lives. 

This fall, God lovingly sent us family to visit for many many days and it has been quite the family gathering. What seemed impossible for several years if not decades, He accomplished effortlessly. Ours is an example of the unity God can bring in a family that has chosen to put their trust in Him. No gathering is beyond the far-reaching and lovingly outstretched arm of our mighty God when we turn every difficulty over to Him and enter into His loving embrace. 

And to think we all lived on 3 different continents not too long ago! To have 4 of us now on the same continent with means to visit each other and be in each other’s living rooms is beyond what the human mind can fathom. The God we serve really is a miraculous God and we continue to trust Him to complete the circle He is lovingly and patiently drawing around us as He continues to faithfully gather us to Himself and to each other. As He continues to weave the tapestry of the story He’s telling, ours is to yield our hearts and lives to Him so His plan is established in our lives. 

My mum’s presence is what I’d describe as both galvanizing and life-changing in so many ways that I can only describe it as supernatural -God truly does know what we need at each point in our lives. So much work has been done because of both the physical and moral support she offers, a miracle in itself that even at this age, she’s still got the strength to be this impactful, She really is God’s providence to us all. 

We rented this huge passenger van and drove to New York for a day in the Big Apple where even more memories were made as we ran around and toured the partially deserted city. We did our part in flattening the curve by practicing social distancing and keeping our masks on. 

Back in quaint Connecticut, we drove around our little trails and forests to enjoy the autumn leaves. The season for apple picking was over so we settled for chugging jugs of ginger drinks made by none other than our very own Jan Feyen, drink-maker connoisseur extraordinaire.  

We also spent an afternoon at one of our largest flower parks, Saint Elizabeth, where we all put our photography skills to the test and attempted to capture some family pics, posted here for your enjoyment. 

In Conclusion, October was a cheerful month even as my son gained another blessed year on his birthday. God continues to prove Himself faithful by providing a loving united family to live life together with, His love endures forever and I will praise Him for all of my days. From our family to yours, we wish you all God’s love, may His embrace draw you in and keep you warm and close in these cooler months. 


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