The Joy of Serving Another

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Hello everyone, how I’ve missed you all here on the blog! The year started with some zest and I had quite a bit planned. In just a month and a week in, I have traversed a great distance and the change of scenery has done me wonders in terms of giving me a fresh perspective on my life and how things are going. I have had a chance to re-evaluate my position on quite a few things and I finally feel ready to make some key changes that I believe will result in a richer life experience going forward. I’m now ready to firmly close the door on certain aspects of my life and open them wide to new positive experiences.

For those of you that follow my mother on her Facebook account, you may have seen that mid-January she sustained quite a traumatic injury after a minor road accident left her nursing a gaping wound the size of a small crater on her right leg. I spent my time off of work nursing her and taking her to her daily dressing appointments at hospital. I’m not one to even just look at a wound, my blood curdles even at the thought of it, but I was the one that was available to nurse her and so I stepped up and held her hand through it all. Just this week, she received clearance from her doctors to travel and I accompanied her to my sister’s place where she will continue her care as I prepare to return to work.

Taking care of my mother has been a very rewarding experience for me and I have really enjoyed getting to hang out with her in her time of vulnerability. We shared a bed and chatted long into the nights, swapping stories on any and everything. We spent every waking moment together and bonded on an even deeper level. I cooked her meals and made sure she was well-fed and warm and cozy. We read the Bible together and held deep discussions on matters of faith and relationships. I feel blessed to have had this time with her and I have no doubt she will fully recover under my other sisters’ capable and professional care.

On the restoration journey back to my Father that I have been on all of last year, I had been made aware that there was going to be a chapter where God was going to have me serve my parents as He brings my life full circle. I had wondered exactly how God would accomplish such a feat, given the great distance between us and the how strong my mother is both physically as well as mentally. But the all-knowing God sees the end from the beginning and knew to make the timing right -there really are no coincidences with the Almighty.

Spending the last three weeks exclusively with mama, I have learnt a lot about my new self as well as about my mother. I am amazed at the transformative work my heavenly father has accomplished in me, making me a loving, dotting, caring daughter. Not that I haven’t been that in the past, I have. It’s just that God looks to the heart and my heart was glad for every opportunity I was gifted with to serve and care for my mother. God is the author of unconditional love and as I go through the paces in His school of this life of faith, my heart is truly edified by each humbling experience.

As the rest of February unfolds, I continue my walk with my redeemer, looking to Him to show the way as I lean deeper into him for clear direction as the haze continues to rapidly lift. I feel deeply grateful in my heart for this time in my life and the dawning clarity as each new day unfolds, and I remain hopeful in all the promises that my Father has in store for those that love Him. Cheers, Helena ღ



  1. Jim
    July 23, 2020 / 9:05 PM

    Again, marvelous

  2. Jim
    July 23, 2020 / 8:55 PM


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