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Few things bring me as much joy as using the depth of my voice and the cadence of my language to communicate creative interests and ultimately to nurture our growing community here on the blog. As the blog grows weekly, I am keenly conscious of the fact that these stories we tell here are not just my perspectives and experiences. Rather, these are our stories culled from all our collective experiences. Here, we start conversations that foster hospitality while allowing for the expressions of diverse thoughts, lifestyles, values and beliefs.

Every week we stop our activities for a few minutes and converge here to read and share our thoughts, show our support, or challenge each other to see things another way. In other words, we pay attention. Indeed, love is effectively expressed through paying attention as it requires us to set our busyness aside to nurture another. In so doing, we cultivate vulnerability in ourselves and in those with whom we share our stories, testimonies, struggles, and ultimately our victories.

Here we take what we’ve been given and enrich each other’s lives through shared challenges, conquests and ultimately, victories. Our vulnerabilities in turn create stronger social fabrics and weave robust communities that blossom into healthy and nurturing societies.

Here we have the pleasure of nurturing each other by being welcoming and receptive to varied opinions as we give of our masculine support and share our feminine graces. We put good out into the world and nurture each other’s spirits and souls with lovingkindness. As we exchange ideas and engage in creating rapport, we share the duty and privilege of making sure everyone has a seat at the table.

We create a safe haven and curve out a space for ourselves and for each other to grow and thrive, allowing us to share what we’ve gleaned from our experiences by pouring into and drawing from the ensuing cyclical fountain that inevitably pours out into the world and into our communities thus positively impacting our society. By participating in warm conversations -which is the lifeblood behind healthy relationships- we seek to understand the hearts and minds behind language used and words spoken. And quite honestly, the benefits of healthy relationships cannot be downplayed in a healthy society.

I am grateful that the ambience of this blog implicitly communicates the untold story of our father’s unrequited love for us. We’ve managed to create an atmosphere where we surround ourselves with love and support, all while pursuing authentic interpretations of beauty and gracious acts of camaraderie, imbuing the benevolent environment with deep abiding love from our loving father and from one to another.

It feels incredible to know that likeminded readers gather here weekly to fellowship together and lend support. I want to put good out into the world to nurture others’ spirits and souls with kindness. I want to enjoy the pleasure and privilege of nurturing others, being welcoming, receptive and hospitable to all who I cross paths with. For that is the goal of community; we take what we’ve been given and enrich someone else’s life with it, our pain, our wealth, our beauty, our experiences.

The blessings of belonging to a loving community reverberate beyond the lives of those directly involved. It is true that we can revolutionize a situation by demonstrating the love that we ourselves have received from our loving father. I feel humbled to belong to you and I am thankful to be accepted by you. I am both excited and exhilarated at the prospect of us continually growing, thriving and blossoming together in our sonship even as our community continues to mature in tranquility and depth of character. Welcome to the blog dear Reader, our journey continues. ღ Ms. Grey ღ


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  1. Helena Grey | Loving Lair
    December 5, 2019 / 4:45 AM

    Hello there everyone, Looks like when I posted this, my comment section was behind a firewall so no one could leave me a comment. That’s on me because I should have done my due diligence and ensured everything was working fine. Still, it’s never too late. Should you see this now, please feel free to drop your comments here. Also, do let me know topics you’d like us to talk about. Cheers y’all, Helena

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