October is for Birthdays

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Dear friend, October is here again and autumn weather will soon be upon those of us in the Northern hemisphere. I can’t say I’m looking forward to it, but I’m thankful to be able to experience it. I love that this time around, I’m in this new place of rebirth and renewal, no longer wondering how much longer my life will hold for. Even as other things are dying, my spirit is being renewed and hope springs eternally. It’s a time when what’s not needed is buried, either to die or sprout again when the season turns. I can think of so many bible-based analogies now as the seasons come and go, life was really designed by God for each of these seasons, each with a reason, a meaning and a purpose.

I am doing mighty well and loving my time both at home and at work. My son, Jan, is flourishing at campus and I am a happy and proud mama. Academically, he’s been building apps, websites and designing games while still learning Japanese. Spiritually, he’s been reading the 31 chapters of Proverbs, one chapter a day. The highlight of my day is when we get to discuss what he’s learning from this book of wisdom. So far, he’s picking up on the themes of ‘watch out for bad women’ (LOL) and ‘an angry man will come to ruin’, so much to unpack in these chapters. I’ve also had him listen to the Joel Osteen Podcast daily and I do hope this fills his mind with good thoughts as he goes through his day.

It’s Friday today and I’m in Amsterdam for the day. It’s a cold and rainy day so I’m staying holed up in my hotel room, except maybe join the crew later this evening for dinner. Starting this month, we are back at our old downtown hotel surrounded by our world-famous museums, parks, shops and plenty of restaurants. I guess I’ll be getting out a lot more and meeting new people in my life, just not today as it’s freezing and the rain showers won’t stop.

I just took a long bath to warm up, and now, I’m curled up snazzy in bed in my oversized  fluffy white hotel bathrobe, sipping on hot cocoa while typing away at this blog -Ah, my happy place, I so enjoy writing and connecting with our little community here. This activity has been such a savior to me for the last five years since my life went on hold. Without knowing it, YOU are helping me unfurl and bloom quietly -Bliss…

Tomorrow Saturday I’ll be home for the weekend so I’ll be driving straight to pick up my Jantje so we can spend some time together this weekend as we each have loads of laundry to do. Sunday we’ll go to our little Spanish church together and maybe catch a movie after that if we’re up for it. Come Monday and we’ll both be back at it again, doing our best to live fruitful and productive lives as we grow in the knowledge of God, secure in his love for us.

Jan and I are back to being just the two of us as my sister’s assignment with us concluded and she and her family moved forward as God would lead them. God willing, it won’t be long before our lives converge again here on God’s green earth. If it were up to me, I’d have them stay forever, but God has different paths for us right now, I just pray it’s not for too long as it’s such a pleasure having family around. I learnt a ton of lessons from her that I’ll take with me and incorporate into my life; I’m sure the results will lead to an enriching and abundant life.

Indeed, life is not meant to be lived in isolation. With my sister here, our lives exploded in a kaleidoscope of beautiful arrays of color and activities for the short period of time they were here. I for one am praying for more family time together, not just with her but with mama and the rest of the family. For now, I am going to love you and leave you dear friend. I hope you enjoy your weekend, and if at all you can, make it count. Cheers, Helena xoxo


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