My Father Series: How to Find Your Identity in Christ

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Hello reader and welcome to our Sunday blog. Finding my identity in Christ was my most panicked search on my journey to the Father. My life was overrun with weeds and negativity and I was drowning under a barrage of insults that I intellectually knew was untrue, but emotionally, I was succumbing to the name-calling and even beginning to question my identity as I noticed myself slipping and losing the battle with reality and the truth of who I was. I wasn’t anchored to anything in particular and thus had nothing to ground me. When my dearest friend Vanessa saw how I was beginning to question myself, doubt myself, she urgently told me that I needed to find my identity in Christ as I was slowly falling for the enemy’s lies. She reminded me that the battle is won or lost in the mind, so I needed to guard my mind and not succumb to the enemy’s taunts.

I wasn’t anything the enemy was consistently yelling at me, and everyone else, that I was. Yet how is it that I was starting to doubt myself? It’s called the power of suggestion, a weapon the enemy wields quite effectively. Unless you learn to neutralize it with the truth found in God’s Word about who you are, you’re going to lose that battle. And once it’s lost in the mind, it’s most definitely lost in the physical too, certainly in the spiritual. Knowing who God says I am and letting that permeate my mind and become one with the spirit was of paramount importance; it felt like a matter of life and death, and it probably really was in the spiritual sense.

Thus began my earnest search for my identity in Christ. I remember thrashing about, fretting. I remember feeling frantic, crazed almost. It felt like I was on fire and I couldn’t put out the flames. Gaslighting. I was desperate to find my Father and hear His voice. I was panicked about finding my identity in Him, I was urgent that I know who He said I was. I got online and printed everything I could find about who God says I am. I started studying daily verses that confirmed my identity in Christ. I purchased a set of 3×6 flashcards and jotted down as many verses as I could find on the subject. I walked with these cards in my pocket and whenever I had a moment, I whipped them out and read a few of them out loud to myself, it didn’t matter if I was on the job, in my hotel room or at home.

I remember the calm coming over me for days as I began to gradually settle in the loving arms of my Father. Slowly my identity in Christ began to emerge, squashing the enemies lies that had started to overtake my mind. Within a very short time I saw the absurdity of the lies the enemy was trying to convince me of. I saw his ugly lies for exactly what they were, a way to chain my mind to lies that would disarm me with guilt, shame and rejection, thus rendering me ineffective as a worker in my Father’s field. From scripture, an image of how God saw me started to crystalize. I familiarized myself with the promises my Father’s spoke over my life. I learnt how He predestined me, how He made me fearfully and wonderfully. Infact, you can read all about it in this post here.

Today, I want to tell you that you too can find your identity in Christ. Your situation might not feel as dire as mine felt in that moment in time, but it’s still imperative that we all know the truth upon which we stand. No one should ever have to believe the enemy as he jeers at them telling them how bad they are, calling them evil and unworthy. If we believe the enemy’s lies about us, it’s unlikely we will pray to be found by God, and even less likely that we will immerse ourselves in His Word. Why, because doubt then shame will take over. The enemy is always quick to condemn us, making us feel unworthy of God’s love. It’s his number one tactic, telling us we are not good enough, lying to us about ourselves -the nerve. Call to the Lord exactly where you are, listen not to the lies of the enemy or they will drown you. Fix your eyes on Jesus and walk with Him into your new identity that is only found in Him -I promise you it will be a most liberating and rewarding journey.


I urge you to perform a simple Google-search using the search-term ‘my identity in Christ’ like I did. Once you get the related verses read them over and over again to renew your mind from the lies the enemy has been using to torment you. Fervently appropriate these verses for yourself. I encourage you to make your own personal set of flashcards to look at and speak them out aloud every chance you get; it’s a most effective way to shirk off the lies and cloth yourself in your Father’s truth.


Say this prayer everyday as you prepare to read verses revealing your identity in Christ: “My Father, You are my creator. You know me better than I know myself. You know me better than anyone else. You know the purpose for which you created me. Reveal to me my identity in your Son Lord Jesus Christ. Through your word, show me how you see me and help me adapt this vision for myself. I am what your word says I am, help me believe what Your Word says about me.” Then read the selected scriptures everyday so as to renew your mind as you leave the enemy’s lies behind. Ground yourself in your Father’s truth about who He says you are. You will see yourself start to thrive in this truth and the lies of the enemy will rescind and fall away.


Here, I should add that even if what the enemy is whispering to you is actually something you’ve done but have since repented of, then it’s even more urgent that you tell him to get behind you. Remember the Bible says that all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God (Romans 3:23)so no one can stand in judgment over you. Indeed satan is the accuser of the brethren (Rev 12:10), yet Romans 8:33 tells us: ‘who will bring any charge against God’s elect? No one, for God Himself has given us right standing with Himself.’ Simply asking for forgiveness from your Father will take care of whatever the enemy is using to torment you. Then repeat all these verses to yourself until your mind is renewed to your new identity and you believe what your loving Father says about you. Remember that there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus (Romans 8:1), then go about your Father’s business.

As for me, the enemy still rears his head from time to time to insult me, now I always make a point of telling him to ‘get thee behind me satan’. Occasionally I might even go with the sassier ‘not today satan.’ I know who I am and my confidence comes from my loving Father who has instructed me to ‘hold fast to what I have so that no one will take my crown’ (Rev 3:11). I no longer believe the lies of the enemy as my Father lovingly assures me of just how much He cherishes me, how much he longs to fellowship with me, how he longs to show me compassion… My hope is renewed every new day as I grow into the sonship my Father has called me into. I wake up with a smile every morning wondering what exploits my Father and I will be up to on that day. I look in the mirror and see the ugly lies of the enemy recede as my Father keeps removing the dross from the silver and my reflection resemble Him more and more.

Indeed my Maker is my mirror, and my prayer is that you make your Maker your mirror too. In my humble opinion, it is one of the most urgent steps to undertake on your journey to becoming who God says you are. We can never become all that God has called us to be until our mind is right on who we are. We cannot have dominion over the enemy until our hearts are settled on the question of our identity. Keep reading the verses you’ve mined until your mind is renewed. I wish you well on this journey of discovering who you are in Christ Jesus. Much love to you. Ms. Grey xoxo



  1. Mark
    September 15, 2019 / 11:24 AM

    Helena, first I want to thank you for sharing and giving us the tools to find Jesus. The words are amazing and the prayer is beautiful and such an way to communicate with God. I struggle daily and try to shun temptation and turn to God! XOXO

    • Grey Dynasty
      September 16, 2019 / 3:18 PM

      Hey Mark, thanks so much for reading, I really appreciate that. I can’t imagine that you ever struggle with anything coz you give me so much hope and courage, you’re my place of comfort xoxo

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