Galavanting around NYC

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I stumbled upon this poignant this poem by Vicki Kralapp and thought to share it. “Searching to find my place once again lost in this foreign state of happiness. Left with no one to guide me… alone. || I strive to pave my own way now; along new paths, unafraid. I risk nothing,  as most is lost. || I have left the old behind, bruised and bloodied. For my heart has been at war; sanity at last has prevailed. || Amidst the bodies left behind, the old shells of who I once was, transformed as if emerging from a chrysalis. A new life on the wing.

Hi everyone, NYC has continued to be kind to me. My friend Rose has been amazing at showing me around and if I’ve been enjoying NYC, it’s all because of her. She made me a true New Yorker by generously sharing her tips and tricks on practically every imaginable subject. She’s such a resourceful person and has been a wealth of information on how The City works.

Our adventures have so far taken us to the immaculate Reformation hardware store located in the Meatpacking District. They have a setup where the lower floors are showrooms for their majestic furniture, the third floor is a wine bar and the fifth floor is a rooftop restaurant. We ordered some Italian meal and had ourselves a good time. I must say though; the meal portion sizes are rather on the small side for US standards. It appears NYC serves European portion sizes, at least in all the establishments we’ve dined at.

We then popped across to the Doughnuttery at the Chelsea Market for some delicious sugar-flavored doughnut holes for dessert. NYC has easy people to talk to and it’s very natural to casually fall into easy conversations with total strangers and carry on for a while. The City has a lot of designated sitting areas to facilitate people-watching while enjoying ice-cream or just catching up with friends. At 2100 hours all the chairs and tables are rounded up and chained together for the night.

I also stopped at Bloomingdale’s and browsed clothes, shoes, bags, skincare, and so much more. I spent quite a while at the Karen Millen shop admiring their impeccably workmanship and perfectly fitted designs. I probably would have bought one of her dress that I’ve been besotted with for years now had I found it in my size, but they only had a size 2 and I needed a size 4 if it was ever going to fit my hips.

I had no idea how easy it was to cross over to New Jersey from New York City. In a short 20-minute train ride, we alighted at the Grove Street and made our way down Newark Avenue in search for New Jersey’s finer dining restaurants for a fancy dining experience. After walking the whole length and breadth if it, taking in the smells of the lovely warm night, we settled in for a delicious dinner at the Skinner’s Loft.

I’ve had a lovely time being here but work will be calling soon, and other obligations await me back home as my move-out date approaches. As you read this blog, I will probably be in Amsterdam for work. Like this year, I’m scheduled to be there during the Gay Pride Parade which is a very lively event if you remember from my Instagram Stories last August. I’m expecting the whole crew to go together, so we’ll see how it works out. I wish you all a lovely day and thanks for reading. Cheers, Helena xoxo

All pics in NYC & NJ – July 2019



  1. Mark
    August 7, 2019 / 9:37 AM

    Cheers Helena, hang in there and remember don’t do it alone but with our Heavenly Father who knows the plan for you!🤗

    • Grey Dynasty
      August 7, 2019 / 3:17 PM

      Hey Mark 👋🏼 I’m tired of falling and failing. Yes I’ll be hiding in Him, for only in Him can I do ALL things 🙏😊

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