My Hot-Girl Summer in NYC

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My Hot-Girl summer in New York City -Lol! I’ve wanted to say or type those words since I heard Wendy Williams say them 🙂 She too is having a hot-girl summer in NYC as she processes her divorce and, girl, is she living it up or what! Dragging ‘em in the most delicious of ways -graceful and dignified. Even as she breaks down and cries from time to time, she gets right back up dipping it and doing it, showing us all how it’s done!

My hot-girl summer has so far taken me all over the city and I have arguably become an expert in finding my way around. With my weekly train-ticket I can hop-on and off as often as I please. I’ve been enjoying the penthouse a lot and earlier this week when it rained, I stayed in for the entire day. Dressed in my blue linen shirt dress, I cooked some spaghetti and downed a whole plate unashamedly while playing some melancholic music and watching the rain trickle down the windows and glass sliding doors.

The temperatures have been favorable and I’ve had to dress to stay cool in this hot weather -not that I’m complaining; you will never hear me complaining about it being too hot. I’d rather the heatwave than cold-blast weather, and that will remain so to the end of my days.

Remember I told you last week that I picked up a pair of vintage high-waisted jeans at The Vintage Twin? Well, here they are! These millennial group of girls collect jeans from days of old when jeans was made from real denim, and they refurbish them, fit them and tag each pair with their own The Twin Vintage logo. The result is marvelous jeans before there was any elasticity in the fabric (which weakens the fabric) for stretch. These jeans fit well precisely because there is no give to them; you pull them on and you’re tucked in and snatched all the way up.

I’ll be the first to admit these pair of jeans did not slide on effortlessly as I’d like to pretend they did. There was some odd stretching and twisting involved, a few unnatural positions even. And then the zipper -third time was the charm in getting it to glide all the way up. Does this mean I need to lose a few inches around my hips? I doubt I do because I’m a healthy and comfortable weight. It just means I bought jeans on the smaller side, and I did that because it was a one-of-a-kind and no other pair fit as well.

It reminds me of a time back when I was a teenager, my dad had taken me to town for back-to-school shopping and there was this pair of shoes that I had to have. They didn’t have it in my size but I managed to squeeze my feet in a pair that was a size smaller. They were clearly too tight for me and my dad tried to talk some sense into me to no avail. I insisted they fit just fine and that I had to have them and finally my dad succumbed and bought me the shoes. The result of that, a huge bunion at the back of my ankle that I still have to this day.

I always was a tenacious one, unrelenting in many ways. I could plead, reason and debate with my dad for practically anything and often, I’d get him to see it my way, much to the dismay of my much stricter mum! It’s likely I missed my calling in working in the legal justice system as a defense attorney, or even the prosecutor. I’m like a dog with a bone when arguing my case.

Traits like these hardly ever change, and if they do, probably not very much. But my Father says I’m fearfully and wonderfully made so I embrace that quality in me. As He aligns my life with His word, I’m curious to see what positioning He will work this quality of mine into so it doesn’t serve as a nuisance to others, but rather, it be an endearing trait that benefits me and the people He places around me. As for these pair of jeans, I’ll squeeze into them for the rest of this summer and hopefully I can still fit into them when winter comes around, right into the next summer. Cheers, everyone, Helena xoxo

All pics taken by the lovely Rose of @DadouChic in NYC – July 2019



  1. Lexi
    August 7, 2019 / 10:23 AM

    You are looking absolutely gorgeous!
    Here’s to a very happy and fun ‘hot girl Summer’, that will elevate you to a ‘fearlessly fabulous Fall’.

    You make me want to pack my bags and return to my hometown. Lol!

    • Grey Dynasty
      August 7, 2019 / 3:21 PM

      Lex, I have no idea how you plucked up the courage to leave this fabulous state; probably because you moved to an equally fabulous state but with better weather, so that makes sense. Yes, I’ll be hot-girl-summering all the way through to a Fearlessly Fabulous Fall 🍁 😘

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