My Quiet Place

3 minutes

It’s wee hours early Monday morning. I’m back home, currently sitting on my beloved orange couch, sipping tea. I’ve been up since 5am, I have finally unpacked my bags, done some laundry, cleaned the dishes and tidied up some. It’s quiet day. I’m in my quiet place. I come here when I’m deeply distressed or highly content; your guess is as good as mine as to what I might be this time around.

This marks my first blogpost of 2019. I’m a little confused as to what the year will bring so I’m not sure how to open this post. Also, this is my third year of not mad-planning for the new year. And so I sit here quietly, silently wondering what the new year will bring, if I’m ready for it. Whatever it may be, I pray I’m up to the task.

Mr. Grey must be off to work. And Jan is out there being Jan with his friends. I don’t blame him. The house is under construction again, this time it’s the bathroom getting a facelift with new wall tiles, a warm deep brown glossy color. This is our life now.

It’s the first time I’m back home since leaving my beloved Kenya on New Year’s Eve. Work demanded I fly straight to Amsterdam so I’ve only just finally got to put my feet up. Hence, the early rise, my body’s circadian rhythm is still on the GMT time zone.

Having given myself permission to take it easy, I am doing my best to be kind to myself, to silence the critic in me screaming ‘you need a plan for the New year!’. No I don’t. Not right away anyway. And who decides these things anyway?! I’ll get a plan when I’m good and ready for one. For now, it’s time for self-care.

In my spirit, I’m hibernating, shoring up strength for what’s to come this year. There’s a lot I could do, should do even. But I refuse to fret, both over the known and unknown. I choose to take it as it comes, to pace my stride, steady my pace. There’s still enough time to live if we should be so lucky. Let’s pace ourselves.

With all my good intention for blogmas, I fell of the wagon with all the travels and spotty WIFI. Alas, I kept typing away on my trusted laptop. Which means I have loads of posts that are no longer relevant as they pertain to Christmas. No loss really, writing is a welcome distraction from life’s other foils. Still it would be nice to post a rundown of our days in each of the three cities we visited while there -if only for my own remembrance…

I seem to be rambling here, apparently I don’t really have much to say. Still, it’s nice to open the New Year with you. I wish you nothing but loving thoughts, kindness and success. May all you dream come true. May you have the courage to face your fears and conquer them, to leave the shore and discover the unknown. I pray the same for myself. Cheers, Helena xoxo


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