Kenya’s Single-Use Plastic Bag Ban

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Hiya! Guys, things are going very well here inNairobi. We’ve been having lovely weather, spending lovely days. We’ve been to the Maasai Market to pick up some things to go in our new home when we get back.We ended up buying two main items. The first one was a foldable grandfather stool. I knew I wanted it as soon as I saw it. I’ve seen similar at the HomeGoods store back home, but buying one from the motherland just has so much more meaning. The proliferation of our cultural products on the international market by non-traditional players might be a natural progression of events stemming from globalization, but Mr. Grey and I try our best to buy local so as to benefit indigenous local producers.

We also bought an exquisite lion painting in black and white, a Mr. Grey pick. We plan on framing it once we get back home and I thinkI have the perfect place to hang it. My Grey also bought lots of artefacts as gifts for his friends, clients and colleagues. 

One thing I noticed about my home country that impressed me a whole lot was the banning of single-use plastic bags. Kenya is one of the countries that has implemented this ban starting 28th August 2017. It’s unfortunate how countries that are responsible for actions resulting in climate change are also the countries that are last to implement legislation towards curbing the negative effects of their practices. I feel proud that Kenya has joined the many other countries that act more responsibly in such matters. InAfrica these countries include: 

South Africa, 2004, bag levy; Eritrea, 2005, banned;Tanzania, 2006, banned; Botswana, 2007, bag levy; Uganda, 2007, banned; Rwanda,2008, banned; Mauritania, 2013, banned; Cameroon, 2014, banned; Morocco, 2016, banned; Tunisia, 2017, banned; Kenya, 2017, banned. In Asia, countries that have made an effort to curb the proliferation of single-use plastic bags include Bangladesh, China, HongKong, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Taiwan,Myanmar and Israel. In Europe, these include Denmark, Netherlands, Switzerland,Germany, France, Ireland, UK, Italy, and Romania. 

Ever since I was a student of international politics back at the VUB University of Brussels, I’ve been befuddled by the US’s watchdog position over other sovereign nations, all the while neglecting to implement that which they’re requiring that others nations implement. On the single-use plastic bag ban, the US lags behind every other country in this regard, more so if the take into account its geographical spread and vast population in comparison to other smaller countries. There is no nationwide ban on single-use plastic bags. Only the state of California has implemented a similar ban. As for the US territories, only Puerto Rico and American Samoa have a single-use plastic bag in place. The US must require more of itself; America needs to do better. 

Okay, I’ll get off the politics and get back to enjoying my stay here in my motherland that I feel so very proud to belong to. Let’s all keep up the good work. Cheers, Grey ღ



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