My Weekly Amsterdam

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Canal Boat Tour

Hello dear friends! We’ve had such an amazing summer. My heart is glad; good weather can do just that, lightening the step, lifting the mood, brightening the spirit. My weekly inter-continental trips continue to occupy my time in a fabulous way.

Flying over Greenland

Amsterdam Canal Bridge

My weekly trips to Amsterdam afford me weekly opportunities with new crew and new friendships formed every new week. Some friendships stick and we remain in touch while others fizzle out -which is okay because not everything is meant to last.

Dinner at the Pancake House by the canal

All our hotels this year have been in Amsterdam itself as opposed to an hour away in The Hague as was the case last year. Our current hotel adjoins a shopping mall, reminiscent of our Lyon France crew hotel back in the Brussels days.

Our kitchenette hotel rooms

Our hotels are generally aesthetically pleasing, with lavish lobbies terraces to boot. The lobby holds books and magazines that one can enjoy reading while sipping on drinks, or enjoying a meal in the hotel restaurant.

Out with bikes cycling

On my first trip this season I decided to get temptation out of the way from the get go by spending over three hours browsing the shopping malls top to bottom, leaving no stone unturned so to speak. I’m happy to report that I only bought one clothing item, a red sweatshirt embroidered with the word ‘Paris’.

At the world’s largest annual Gay Parade in Amsterdam

Amsterdam downtown is only one tram-stop away from the hotel. Some trips I stay close to the hotel and other trips I have plenty more time to further explore downtown Amsterdam.

Dinner at the hotel

While browsing the stores, I found lovely grey cutlery, something I’ve been shopping around for for quite a while now. I elected to buy the set on the next trip so I carried a virtually empty suitcase for the mission –it was quite exciting.

In Delft in the Netherlands

I had the chance to visit the Floating Flower Market to pick up some wooden tulips. I already have larger ones I picked up in Delft. The smaller more vibrant ones I’ve bought will come in handy in smaller vases for smaller places.

Schevingen Beach in The Hague

I’ve also had the privilege of meeting up with my Instagram friends while in Amsterdam, an opportunity I cherish and marvel at all at once. I’m so grateful to have these encounters. Each time we’ve sat for hours on end chatting like old friends.

On a boat tour with Sharon of @boldheartgeneration

I met Sharon back in July and we took a boat tour that we kept forgetting to get off of because we were engaged in deep conversation, sharing and exchanging ideas. Then I met Lexi in September, we chatted so much we forgot to take pictures!! I love it when online friends eventually become offline friends as well!! Looking forward to meeting more friends as the weeks go by.

Rijksmuseum Amsterdam

Rijksmuseum Amsterdam

I’ve also had a chance to visit the Rijksmuseum, which was quite the high-tech experience that required the installation of an app on your smart phone which would then guide you through your meanderings, explaining every painting as you approached it. I especially enjoyed studying the Night Watch Rembrandt painting, Johannes Vermeer’s The Milkmaid, and Aelbert Cuyp’s River Landscape with Riders.

Flower shop in Amsterdam

The docks in the Hague

There are still so many things I plan on doing on my weekly trips: visit the Anne Frank Huis, take even more canal tours, visit the Van Gogh Museum to see his famous self-portraits, have the Heineken experience, eat more good food… the fun goes on and one.

Dinner at the docks

Touring the Red Light District in Amsterdam

Journey with me on my weekly Amsterdam adventures, won’t you! Cheers, ღ Grey xoxo ღ


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