Meditation: The Four Intentions

4 minutes

Hello everyone! Today I thought to share a post about one of the shorter meditation I practice when pressed for time. This is a Deepak Chopra guided meditation that lasts only about five minutes. I like it because I find it to the point and easy to follow; it’s simple enough for beginners to recall yet deep enough to calm the mind.

We all understand the power of our thoughts and why it’s important to set our intentions for the day so our mind is not highjacked on a fruitless purposeless rollercoaster. If there must be an unfolding, then it might as well be a deliberate one. It’s better to take charge of our day early enough so we can direct it as we’d have it go, rather than leave it to fate or unknown forces. Below are the intentions :-

Joyful Energetic Body: the desire for a joyful energetic body is self-explanatory in that the alternative would be a sad lethargic existence. The prayer that our bodies support our existence is primal and the very essence of life itself. This should lead to a desire to eat foods that nourish the body, to exercise the body by building core strength, and the avoidance of all things detrimental to our wellbeing and general health.

Loving Compassionate Heart: For what is life without love; and beyond eros love, agape love. A loving compassionate heart is what allows us to empathise with others, to reach out to those that might need us, to extend forgiveness to those that upset us, to go above and beyond for the sake of others, and to show compassion. The ability to meet someone on their journey and walk besides them is fundamental to life, for life is not lived alone and we are our brothers’ keeper.

Reflexive Alert Mind: Again, the opposite of this would be a sluggish foggy mind. Nothing gets done right or gets done at all when the mind is blurry, fuzzy or cloudy. To pray for a clear mind is the beginning of all productivity. A quiet mind is better than a positive one, knowing all the fretting the latter can cause. We tap into our intuition, our vision and creativity when the mind is quiet, alert and reflexive, thus responsive.

Lightness of Being: This lightness of being refers to our spiritual selves and the heavy burdens we tend to carry. If we don’t find a way to unload the excess baggage, our spirits become heavy, dulled and bogged down, and our hearts stop dancing. Setting this daily intention lifts the mood and the spirit to a lightness that allows us to thrive spiritually.

Our living intentionally and in-the-flow heavily depends on us giving up resistance for what is, in favour of what might be. Indeed the law of intention states that inherent in every desire we have is the mechanism for its fulfilment. Understanding the odds stacked in our favour under this law should allow us to choose the path of least resistance and cease the struggle. Accepting our ‘now’ is the fastest way to getting ushered into a place of abundance where all the fulfilment of our desires await us.

I find myself reaching for these four intentions at all times during the day because they are easy to recall and cover the mind (mental) body (physical) and soul (spiritual) aspects of daily life. So next time you have a minute or you find yourself waiting for something, how about you take a deep breath and just whisper these four intentions to yourself, then carry on with your day. Cheers everyone, stay happy! Grey xoxo, Ps: All pictures taken by me in my hotel room in Tel Aviv Israel.


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