Finding Alignment

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‘A house divided against itself cannot stand’ is a popular quote often used to invoke unity between two parties or groups of people. Indeed a divided house will rarely succeed unless it finds some common ground to unite on and build further upon.

While we see this clearly when it’s outside of ourselves, we rarely see it when it comes to ourselves; it is possible for ‘you’ to be battling ‘you’ in some subtle ways. For example, when you want to take action on something but fear holds you back, you are effectively divided against yourself so to speak. It’s the same when we neglect our supposedly frivolous passions to pursue other more sensible but passionless work.

Such incongruencies when left unchecked can cause havoc to our health whether it be spiritual, mental, emotion or physical. Hence the need to find alignment. When our thoughts align with how we perceive ourselves; our wants with what we acquire; our hopes with what we expect, only then do we stand a better chance of attaining our set goal. On the contrary, if those things don’t align, we suffer misery from the misalignment that eventually manifests to the point where it affects our mental and physical health.

2018 has seen me take strides in aligning my physical-self to my spiritual-self or as Gary Zukav would call it in his bestselling book ‘The Seat of the Soul’, this year has seen me embark on my journey to wholeness and authentic empowerment. Today I wanted to share with you three of the pivotal practices I am engaged in to help align my body and soul.

Fasting: Growing up, we fasted as a family once a week every Friday for spiritual reasons for as long as I can remember. And even after we left home to start our lives, daddy continued to fast for us weekly until heaven called. For me, it’s not until this year that I resumed the practice, both for spiritual as well as health reasons. Flying across the pond every week thus having to eat on-the-go can be hard in the body’s digestive system. So back in February this year when my baby sister Terry visited and suggested we fast for a spiritual matter, I decided to continue even after she left. It has now become one of my spiritual practices as well as a health cleanse to reboot and reset my digestive system.

Meditation: here is something that has eluded me all of my Christian life as far back as I can remember. For all my efforts, the concept of emptying the mind has proved elusive. This April, I decided to give it an earnest go and to my surprise I seem to have taken to it. Now I generally meditate once daily for a period of time. I use guided meditation as a way to stay on message. This helps align my thoughts and actions.

Acupuncture: I signed up for weekly acupuncture session back in July after watching my younger sister’s YouTube video where she explained the benefits of acupuncture. I looked up a practitioner and found a Dr. Helen who I now see weekly or whenever I’m home. Since life is not all roses, an imbalance of energy can happen through trauma, toxins, thoughts, etc. so balancing the energy force within the body (chi) Qi is important and such sessions help with that.

Affirmations: Over the years I memorized a lot of bible verses to call up whenever I’m battered by life’s storms. I call these to mind effortlessly every time I am faced with doubt or fear. I would like to include non-biblical affirmations more as I have several lists written down, but I can never recall them spontaneously -I should keep working on that.

Visualization: Clearing the mind off negative thoughts and worries is the best thing anyone can do for themselves. And since there is no vacuum in life, the best way to clear the mind is by replacing one bad thought with a good one. Visualization is simply the opposite of worrying; instead of worrying, simply expect a good outcome.

More than conjuring up pictures in the mind, I mainly pay attention to how I’m feeling. You’ll find me walking down the street smiling stupidly for absolutely no reason at all. If I’m frowning, I’ll dig inside and inspect what is causing the frown, resolve it, and get back to smiling. In other words, you can’t smile and hold negative images in your mind. Happy thoughts are what makes us smile. So smile 🙂

I would love it of you shared your practice of how you stay sane, happy and balanced, thus aligned. Please do share down below, won’t you? Have a lovely day! Cheers, Grey ღ



  1. Meron Hailemariam
    October 15, 2018 / 2:25 AM

    Love it. Thanks

    • Grey Dynasty
      October 17, 2018 / 9:56 PM

      Hi Meron, thanks so much for reading and for the feedback!

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