Documenting Vs. Creating

3 minutes

Brussels, Belgium

Gary Vee promotes documenting over creating. That means, instead of going out there looking for a story to tell, document yourself going out there looking for a story to tell. Therein lies the real story which is what people care about. It’s the journey that’s intriguing. I’ve documented my life for a couple of years now, but not my process. That’s because there hasn’t been a process to document.

You saw me graduate, saw me quite my corporate job, saw me fly to Europe, saw my inadvertent career change when I got a job flying with Brussels Airline, watched as I navigated life perched precariously between two continents, watched when I got hired by an American Airline, saw me relocate back home to the US closer to hubby and son, and most recently, you watch me fly back and forth weekly to Europe, mostly between Amsterdam and the US…

Now the rubber meets the road; should I document this new journey that I haven’t yet clearly defined logistically? Can the world tolerate any more of my muddled process, my foggy mind, my three steps forward, two steps back pattern..? I’m tentatively moving things forward somewhat and I feel like I might finally be pointed in some sort of direction.

I found this podcast back in October 2017, ‘Sew Heidi’, where the host interviews people in the fashion industry and they talk about everything from launching a business to having a career in fashion. I usually let it play in the background and it’s been rather instrumental in keeping me informed of all the challenges ahead of me. Indeed when the student is ready, the teacher appears. It’s most efficient to tap into industry experts’ knowledge on some of these processes as there is no need to reinvent the wheel, just tweak it to be more effective.

I think as an entrepreneur, one of the most elusive lesson to learn is that just because you can do something yourself doesn’t mean your time is best spent doing it. I finally understand that just because I can design and make patterns doesn’t mean I should. I find this both liberating and confusing, yet I know it to be true. It’s hard to leave it alone, to put in in someone else’s hands. Yet the truth of the matter is that my focus and attention is probably best served elsewhere.

Something to ponder though –do we share our dreams with those that doubt us, discourage us, laugh at us? Is it too early? What if we don’t make it all the way there, if we fail half-way there, if we never start… what of the school of thought to hold our secrets close until we execute them so no one steals them from us? Yet how does one steal talent or skill?

Documenting over creating; food for thought… Please do share your opinion on the subject in the comment section below, I could use every bit of it. For now, I continue to clarify my vision for Grey Dynasty on these pages, documenting my process as I life, love, and pursue my dream. Cheers, Grey ღ xoxo. Ps: Pictures taken in Brussels Belgium.


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