Blogtober: What I’ve Learnt

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Hi everyone! Blogtober comes to its conclusion today and I’m excited to share with you my last blogtober post. I don’t think I ever explained what it was, just that I was participating in it. Well, it’s not too late to explain -blogtober is when bloggers from all around the world commit to publishing a blogpost a day during the month of October. With Blogtober behind me, I’ll get back to my regular posting schedule of Wednesdays and Sundays, so keep an eye out for my shared links on the various social media platforms you patronise.

So why did I chose to participate in Blogtober this year for the first time? I’ve been blogging for exactly three years this month. It takes some doing and planning, and sometimes blogposts languish as we wait for the right time to publish them. After a three year stretch of having many posts at different draft stages of editing and post-editing, I needed a schedule to finish them up, update and post them. And there were enough of them to warrant a daily posting, if only to clear the backlog and get current. I’m happy to say that except for a post or two, my backlog is now cleared, which means less mind clutter for me. Loose ends bother me so I really did need to button it all up in a neat bundle and stick a pin in it.

What did I learn during this process? Quite a bit. The first thing I’ve felt is relief of having caught up with my blogging, cleaned up all my drafts and updated all the posts and published them. The second realization is that I really enjoy writing. Many of the posts I published were fresh and came up spontaneously in the moment. I love to share knowledge and inspire others as I strongly believe anything is possible, and that we can design our lives to live them out exactly as we want to.

Logistically I noticed that my screen time reduced drastically and I was more focused on producing and posting content (which I do offline) rather than consuming other people’s content -there just wasn’t much time for that but I made an effort from time to time for I understand relationships  are reciprocal.

I’ve often heard that if you’re in business and choose to ignore Facebook, do so at your own peril. I’ve largely ignored my GreyDynasty Facebook page until this month. Since posting the links to my blogposts there daily this month, I’ve see a significant jump in the Facebook traffic to my website, all without any kind of promotion, just daily posting and logging back in to engage later in the day. So if I’ve learnt anything, Facebook cannot be ignored. If anything, the majority of my target audience patronise the platform the most.

Another thing I’ve learnt is that people notice. People notice when you step up your posting and they want to help you achieve your goal. I’ve received a few inbox messages from people wanting to join forces, work together, recommend a new platform, express an interest, etcetera. This proves that people in general want others to succeed. When your work ethic is at par, they rise to meet you and get you to the next level.

Most importantly, I learnt just how very much I enjoy writing. I’ve spent countless hours writing blogpost after blogpost and I have immensely enjoyed the immersive experience; there really is a writer hidden in there somewhere. With the month concluded, I look forward to continuing with my twice weekly posts so I hope you’ll all keep following along on this chequered journey of ours. Cheers, ღ Grey xoxo


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