A Quick Stop in Spain Madrid

3 minutes


Last week was a magical one for Jan and I. I flew back to back trips to Amsterdam so I could free up the last half of the month for vacation.

My younger sister Christina and husband Joe had been in Spain for about 2 months by then and we’d proposed to meet up there coz It’s a lot closer to fly to than her Australian residence. I hadn’t been sure I’d make it until that very same day we decided to fly out.

I’d landed in Dallas from Amsterdam the day before and back home by midnight. I woke up at 9am and decided today looked like a good day to fly to Spain. Mr. Grey opted out on such notice so Jan and I hastily got our bags ready and hubby drove us to New York where for boarded for Madrid from JFK International airport.

We landed in Madrid the next morning where we left the airport to explore the city for a bit before our evening flight to Alicante.

Here I share pictures of our adventures in Madrid when we first landed.

On our way back, we spend another night in Madrid from Alicante on our way back home to the US, the pictures of which I also share in this blogpost.

I’ll share the pictures from the Alicante Spain leg in the next post. Thanks for following along on our adventures. Cheers, Grey & Jan xoxo


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