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Lately I seem to have renewed my love for interiors. I find myself looking at our home and switching things up just for the fun of it. Mr. Grey is a guys guys, so he leaves me a lot of leeway to experiment as much as I want with our home.

I’ve even recently picked up tools to do some ‘furniture renovations’. I’ve heard quite a bit about chalk paint over the years and I thought it’s time to dabble in that and see what transformations I could achieve. I’m not sure why I did not take a ‘before’ picture, wish I had, if only to prove my prowess and skillset 🙂 But where we are a week or so later, with chalk white furniture.

Originally I intended to go for a distressed look but quickly realised I prefer a much cleaner aesthetic. Distressed furniture might give a shabby chic look which is also beautiful. I just prefer a less cluttered look as we currently live in a cozy empty-nest sized space.

Between Mr. Grey and I, we can pretty much handle any interior alterations, whether they be altering the structural integrity of the building, or just stitching up a pillow to throw onto our beautiful orange statement couch.

I love nothing better than coming back home from working my weekly Amsterdam route flight and walking into my pristine home and sink into either of our comfortable couches and just relax and take in the beautiful smells and scents.

I love beautiful living as a way of life. Beautiful spaces are inspirational and amazing creativity boosters. My creativity is starting to flow again, slow and steady. My tools are out now and I am starting to design beautiful wearable pieces again -I’m loving the humble feeling it gives me as I sketch stroke after stroke, put scissors to fabric, stitch after stitch, the first fit, the final fit, the knowing look… I have put beautiful thoughts in my basket; I’m in my happy place. Grey xoxo



  1. July 1, 2018 / 1:56 PM

    Such a beautiful home you’ve got. I’m loving the white furniture xoxo

    • Grey Dynasty
      July 1, 2018 / 1:58 PM

      Hey beautiful, loving white as a neutral background for everything I want to showcase. It’s also keeping us all very clean ?

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