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I’ve been a polymath for as long as I can remember. Many things have held my interest, not just for a while but for a considerable amount of time. Today I thought I’ll share with you some of the interests I’ve immersed myself in and made a career of at one point or another.



My mother taught me everything I know about fashion. She then sent me to college to back it up but every skill I learnt was passed down to me by her. I was sixteen when I made my first outfit for myself, a Bohemian pair of loose fitting pink silk Bermuda shorts. I next made myself a pair of high wasted slim fitting red khaki Capri pants and followed up with similar ones in white, then black –these became an instant hit. I remember my older sister Grace had her friends over and they wanted to know where I got my pants from; I told them I made them myself. One of them, Joan, then asked how much I would charge her to make the same for her, a thought that hadn’t yet crossed my mind so early into it.  Thus began my fashion career in earnest. Soon thereafter my mum ‘retired’ to focus on her teaching job and handed over all her clients to my capable hands, with all of my cumulative one year experience. It would appear I was good at it; a natural. But I’d argue that it came easy to me and practice eventually made it as ‘perfect’ as it could be.

Fashion girl


After high school, my dad sent me to college to study accounting. I was a brilliant math student in primary school, so he figured that working with numbers was my calling. Without giving it much thought, I obliged, kept my head down and graduated, eventually getting a job as an accounting assistant with an architectural firm where I diligently put in the hours, working my way up across continents and companies to eventually head a Finance Department. I carried on with fashion designing in the evenings after work. And thus progressed my two loves, coexisting in the bright of day and in the shadows of the night, burning the midnight oil.

Finance girl


Flying is now another of my recent loves, a career I stumbled into it somewhat whimsically after years of wondering what else I could become, Fashion and Finance aside. I first debuted in Europe before transferring to the US to be closer to my family after deciding I liked it enough to make a career of it. These are early days and there’s much work to be done in laying down the groundwork of what will become our new life as a family. A relocation is in the cards and we just have to work out the logistics, of which there are many.

Fly girl

The search for fulfilment and self-actualization has been worthwhile and all of my interests are somewhat compatible; flying leaves me with quite a bit of free time to indulge in the other two to whichever depths I choose. I’m hoping to add FOOD and FITNESS to my interests, both of which I realise I need to incorporate in my daily lifestyle for a well-rounded life. For now, I am enjoying my new love, flying both cross-country and internationally. Suffice is to say, I’m happy to watch the universe unfold from my vantage point up in the skies with my head in the clouds, dreaming away. The journey continues; stay with me.



  1. Sharon
    June 28, 2017 / 9:09 AM

    Writter needs to be added on this list ( I know it will at the right time) This post was beautifully written, I enjoyed getting to know about all your different gifts and skills, this is like a window into your amazing life. ???

    • Grey Dynasty
      July 4, 2017 / 5:34 PM

      Oh thank you for reading Sharon! I have every intention of adding ‘writer’ to that list, I just need to write more 😉

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