Dream on

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Dream on

Never give up on your dreams, whether you’ve clarified them already or not. If there’s a hunger inside you, a nagging, a longing, doubt, restlessness… then start on something, anything. Pick a direction and set out. Don’t think it would be easier if you know which direction to take; that is the question that will keep you chained –trust me I know this. Instead, ask if you’re happy, content, at peace, restful… If the answer to this question is not a resounding yes, move. Get going. Pick a direction. Any direction. Clarity will come as you go along. You’ll decide if you like it or not and keep pivoting until you unquestionably love what you do.

I have had an edifying experience that has taught me to keep on the path I’m on. I failed, fell, scrapped by knees, got back up and tried again. And then again. Today I stand tall, having confounded and surprised even myself. Just when you think you should give up, when you think it’s too hard, when you think what’s the point, etc. keep going. Take it all the way to the end. If a door must close, let it not be because you’ve shut it yourself. You owe it to yourself to go after your wildest dreams. Use whatever technique works. Visualize it. Write it down. Medicate on it. Keep it in your sights. Keep the fire burning.

The bigger the setback, the bigger the comeback. Come back. Don’t stay defeated. Don’t stay down. Get back up. Get up. It gets better. It clears up. It clarifies. Keep going. Peek around the corner, see if there’s something you like. Look under the covers, see if something speaks to you. Shake out the bottle, see what falls out. Muddy the water, see what pattern forms. Kick the door in, push the wall, break the mirror, scream, scratch, cry, pray, go the extra mile, and then some.

Find that door, build it if you must, make it, cut a hole in the wall… Find the door then figure out a way to open it. You will win if you stay the course. There’s no other way but to win, so win you must. Today is a special day. Today a dream came true. Make yours come true as well.

Cheers xo ღ Grey



  1. January 30, 2018 / 2:44 PM

    Thank you Helena for this post, I needed to hear these words ❤️

    • Grey Dynasty
      January 30, 2018 / 2:51 PM

      I wrote that post inflight flying back from an interview. My heart was bursting with gratitude and I was full of awe at the human will and its power to achieve any and all things. I’m glad you enjoyed it. I still come back to this post as I fight through my next venture ??

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