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Ladies, gentlemen, a final Paris post covering 9 steps on how to dress like a Parisian.

Oh la la!

  1. Beret

When I think about Parisian fashion, it cannot be complete without a beret, a red one at that. Like I mention in my previous post, Lisa help me locate this red beret in a store in Antwerp and I build my whole shoot around it thereafter. A black beret would have sufficed too, but where’s the fun in that?!

Throw on a beret

  1. Scarf

A silk scarf adds a touch of elegance to any outfit; a larger one for winter and the skinny one for warmer days. I like a red scarf when I’m wearing red lipstick just so the lip colour is muted a bit through the distribution. The red beret with red lipstick offers the same effect.

Scarf à la Française

  1. Parisian kitten heels

Paris invented the kitten heel, a classic ladylike pair of heels that is a staple for fashion editors during fashion week. The kitten heel is sought after for its comfort since Parisian women walk quite a bit. My red pair of kitten heels were comfortable as I took on the cobbled street of Paris. Still in my book, no one wore kitten heels better than Audrey Hepburn, my ultimate fashion influencer.

Comfortable kitten heels

  1. Elegant Black Coat

A coat is necessary when visiting Paris in winter. Investing in an elegant black coat is not a bad idea because of its versatility, a classic well-tailored coat will transcend seasonal fashion trends to remain a staple in your wardrobe for years to come. Such an acquisition will always prove to be a penny well spent.

Throw on a coat

  1. Gloves

In this cold fall/winter weather, a pair of leather gloves do wonders to help retain body heat while adding an element of Parisian chic elegance to tie the whole outfit together. Carry a black or red pair with you on your next trip out there.

Have your gloves for the chill

  1. Pencil skirt

Nothing says ‘Parisian’ better than a pencil skirt won with a nice pair of kitten heels. Make sure it fits right while still being able to climb up and down the many steps at the Eiffel Towers.

Pencil skirt

  1. Red lipstick

Red is bold, classy and sophisticated, and red lips are considered glamorous, feminine and timeless. Red lipstick give a sophisticated appearance and add a dramatic look that pulls the whole look together.


That red lippie

  1. Red nail polish

Red nail polish reads ‘scarlet letters’ all day long. Red is bold and daring. It lengthens and glamorises the hands when the nails are shaped right.

Red nail polish

  1. ponytail/glasses/wide belt/stockings/earrings/gold accessories/

The last step could be any number of things tailored to your sensibilities and preferred style. The French do a lot of walking. After all, they are the inventor of the Atkin diet, with the central tenet of always opting for the staircase instead of the elevator or escalator. Comfort is a prerequisite to the French effortlessly chic look; so above all, be comfortable.

Shade the eyes

Thank you all so much for staying with me on this Paris journey. I hope to discover many more adventures with you this coming new year and find an even more innovative way to combine travel with fashion. Bonne année et à bientôt! ღ Helena Grey xo


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