Colouring your World

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Brussels, Avenue Louise

Brussels, Avenue Louise

Nothing makes me happier than to see a little beauty in the world. The sighting of a well-dressed lady or gentleman is the simplest of joys for me; I usually try to convey my appreciation for the effort made by giving a nod and a smile. And if they are approachable, I’ll generally stop and compliment the lady, or ask the gentleman where he got his attire (so I can buy a similar one for my boys –ssshhhh…).

Shopping day in Brussels

Shopping day in Brussels

I love beauty in all its forms and the simplest of those forms is how we present ourselves to the world on a daily basis. The fact that we have an empty canvas to begin with every morning makes it all the more fun, giving us a chance to indulge in our very own creativity every single morning, simply for our pleasure and the pleasure of those that will happen upon our path.


With the dawn of feminism (and understandably so) we all contend stoically that we dress for ourselves. Still, that old adage that ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder’ remains relevant; only now we understand that that beholder begins with you –love what you see when you look in the mirror. Once you can behold your beauty, everyone else will; for nothing is prettier than a confident person.

Hi : )

Smile!  : )

And there’s no vanity in appreciating yourself and elevating your stature, just as long as you’re not putting everyone else down. Sure, there’s something to be said of modesty, but that should not translate into an insecure posture or an unsure step. Rather, it can be embodied in one’s speech and how one treats another. So be nice folks; but by George, do hold your head up high and make no apologies that you exist. Keep colouring the world with your beautiful presence. I’m off to colour mine!

Done for the day

Done for the day

So long! Helena Grey


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