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Bonjour! from France

Bonjour! from France

Hi friends! I hope you’ve all been keeping well? I’ve been busy flying all over Europe and thoroughly enjoying it. My time in Europe is set to end as the year comes to a close and I’m already preparing to get back home in the US and resume my life as I know it. I’m excited about seeing my boys again, I’ve missed them dearly.

The Castle, Prague

Visiting Prague Castle in Czech Republic

We’ve talked on the phone everyday, but it’s not the same as actually me hugging my son, or my hubby holding me tight –those are the things I’ve missed most dearly. The distracted back-rub hubby usually gives me absentmindedly, the delicious cooking, me clowning around the house dancing like a fool, spontaneously jumping in the car and driving up to campus to see my boy –those are the things I’m getting back to, the things that matter the most to me.

Soar high, fly high

Soaring high, flying high in Spain, Bilbao

Being in Europe has been a blast and I’m ever so grateful to my boys for granting me this freedom to spread my wings and fly, well, not quite so literally but close enough. I have toured some of the most exotic cities, shopped in some of the most exclusive boutiques, eaten authentic indigenous foods, and lived in some of the most luxurious hotels Europe has to offer. And the genius in getting a job flying so I could do that is beyond my understanding; I often find myself asking, ‘what just happened there, did I do that?! holy moly!!!’ But I did do that; yes I did. SMH.

I did it!

I did it!

I’ll be home just in time for thanksgiving holidays. The boy will be coming home from campus at the same time so we’ll all be able to spend some quality time together. Believe it or not, I haven’t quite decided what I’ll do next. I have a few options laid out but by and large, I’ll adapt a stance of seeing how it all unfolds. Not in that passive way where you sit and do nothing, no. More like getting out there and trying out a few things. I’m learning to be comfortable with ‘not knowing’ after living such a well structured life for so long.

In Rome, Italy

In Rome, Italy

I want to live life on my own terms. I’m casting off those restrictions that we largely put on ourselves, the worries about ‘gaps’ in our resumes –and I think I’ll scream if I hear that one more time –the lies we get fed and eventually believing them, then end up living straight-jacketed lives. Throw caution to the wind and live with abandon. And I understand the need to make a living, I just contend that there’s more ways than one –choose the one that makes you happiest.

hanging up my boots, for now

hanging up my boots, for now

Until next time, bye folks! Cheers, from Grey



  1. Hellen
    November 3, 2016 / 3:27 AM

    Wow ! You are so inspiring.. I have always stayed within the lines and I accidentally stumbled on your blog via Instagram a while back and I feel that I need to get out of my shell and just live before I regret my whole life..keep on keeping on!

    • GreyDynasty
      November 4, 2016 / 4:16 PM

      Hi Hellen, I know that silent panic as time slips through our fingers. Jump. Just do it. I’m doing it publicly, might fall flat on my face, atleast I’ll know I tried. Thank you so much for the encouragement!

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