Touring Western Europe

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Me in Lyon France. T

Me in Lyon France.

Hi guys! I’ve been flying for a few months now and so far so good! I’ve seen a few more cities here in Europe and I’m having a lot of fun while at it.

Me in Venice Italy

Me in Venice Italy

I’m slowly settling into a routine, inasmuchas that’s possible on a flight schedule with erratic hours. We get our month flight schedule mid current month so this allows us time to plan ahead. I don’t really have anything to shuffle around so it’s inconsequential for me. Work aside, I’m slowly starting to figure out pockets of time when I can work on the blog and record videos. My SnapChat is now starting to be active and I posted a couple of snapchats.

Me in France, enjoying breakfast from my hotel

Me in France, enjoying breakfast from my hotel overlooking the river

I’ve realized that hotels provide good varying locations to shoot from so I’ve taken the time to shoot a couple of YouTube videos and I currently have seven clips up on my channel, and counting. Here’s my first clip after the INTRO one. I’ve done other videos since, this time making sure the mic can actually pick the sound -Lol! 

Here’s the GreyDynasty YouTube Intro video 

We’ll talk soon folks, stay positive! Cheers, Grey


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