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Kensington, UK

Kensington, UK

Hello lovelies!!! The weather has been great here in Connecticut today. Signs of the latest snowstorm have completely vanished melted away by the warm temperatures and the gentle sunshine. I spent my day at the Westfarm Mall picking up a few ‘essentials’ (that’s debatable) that I’d really wanted while abroad. It felt good to get behind the wheel, play some music and drive on wide roads with the sun shining through the windscreen. I’ve had a smile all day, somewhat really feeling myself. I must say it feels good to be back home.

Kensington, UK

This is a strange feeling, as I rarely love the place I’m at at any given time. I tend to miss Europe when I’m here and I’m rather nostalgic for the US when I’m in Europe. I am happy to be here now mainly because I can find everything I need and want here. Everybody speaks English, all products are listed in English and all Google searches yield results. No more ‘this video is not available for viewing in your region’ notices. Everything is a lot easier here. Everything is accessible here, no limits; go as far as you want, take as much as you need, try as hard as you can, an open door policy of sorts.

Kensington, UK

I went to all the familiar stores. Bought a few bags from Marshals and another one from T J Maxx, then on to the mall where I picked some business attire from Express Women and some makeup from Mac and Sephora. It feels good to be back indeed, back to a place where I know where everything is. I sat out on the bench for a while and just soaked in the sun. I’m now sitting at the Mall’s Starbucks typing up this blog. I feel so very happy inside, can’t really explain why, just that all things will always work for our good, that our steps are ordered, that life is unfolding exactly as it should.

Kensington, UK

Contentment is an elusive emotion for me. Being a Type-A personality, I’m always anticipating what next, which can make for a rather restless soul with an anxious disposition. My hubby, bless him, calls it ‘seeing around corners’. It’s accurate that I’m always trying to see around corners, anticipating what’s coming up next and how I can boost, preempt or mitigate it depending on the desired outcome. Yes, it’s exhausting.

Kensington, UK

If I have learnt to stop and smell the roses to any significant measure, it’s all thanks to my Type-B personality hubby. He rarely frets about anything and his level of tolerance and patience is legendary. He has enjoyed my victories and successes more that I myself have. He constantly urges me to relax and enjoy the moment, to take it all in first before rushing head-on to the next ‘perceived’ challenge.

Kensington, UK

This constant striving runs in the family because my mum is always scaling the next mountain, as are a couple of my sisters, ever reaching forward for the next adventure. Hubby’s family on the other hand is relaxed, living completely in the moment, never worrying about anything, and I mean anything -really. It amazes me every time I spend time with them in England. Frankly, I wish I was more laid back –life is so much nicer when one can just live in the moment.

Kensington, UK

I am in the moment right now. I love my life, my family, my friends. There is no moment but now, and everything is perfect in this moment. The sun is shining. I am fed. I am clothed. I am sheltered. I am warm. I love. I am loved. This moment is perfect. Everything is perfect. Life is unfolding exactly as it should. xoxo

Kensington, UK

Photo credit: Mr. Grey

Photo shoot Location: Kensington, England UK

Blue Skirt: From C&A in Belgium || White Top: From Etám Belgium || Blue Shoes: From Tesco in England || Green Leather Jacket: From Zara USA || Pearls: From Marks & Spencer, UK



  1. Olga
    March 25, 2016 / 8:30 AM

    You are so beutiful, as always..
    Leaving in the moment is the credo of my life.. though I do not always manage to do that..
    I have noticed though that this comes naturally after something profounds happens in my life. Something that makes me see what is really of value and what is totally superficial.
    Good to hear you are content where you aer. Losing certain things for a while helps realizing their value I think, at least it does to me. It is great if we can get those things (or people) back, and a completely different story if that becomes impossible.
    Hope you did not have a problem flying back.. Good to hear you are all right.

    • Grey Dynasty
      March 25, 2016 / 2:48 PM

      Thank you Olga! Living in the moment is certainly heightened after the occurrence of profound a event. It’s a nicer state to be in, less fretful and more grounded. We got back here okay -mercifully.

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