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Pierrette & I, the life of the party

Pierrette & I, the life of the party

Hello lovelies, hope you’ve been staying inspired; I know I have. Over the years I’ve learnt that it takes very little to get inspired. Sometimes it can come down to something as simple as shifting the mindset. Several years ago my good friend Pierrette taught me the gift of having a party at the drop of a hat with or without company. I always marvel at her capacity to turn any dull day into a fun day just by changing the mood, whether it be by dressing up, playing music, cooking good food or going for a walk.

Pierrette & I at her 2015 Christmas Party

Pierrette & I at her 2015 Christmas Party

I remember her turning a potentially boring Saturday summer afternoon into a fun day by simply cooking good food and playing music, and we ended up eating and dancing our heads off all by ourselves in the house. I suppose back then we were single, ready to mingle, up to no good, and probably a danger to ourselves too –Lol! But no worries, church saved us coz we had to go, literally daily. And we had the kind of pastor that would come and get us if we didn’t show –no lie!

Pierrette's visit to the US

Pierrette’s visit to the US – at The White House Washington DC

Creativity is the art of good living and I love it when art, in whatever form, inspires. Beyoncé’s song ‘Formation’ is doing it for me this week. Right after it dropped last Saturday, I’ve got it on a loop, and I even joined Tidal –yet I’m not even a Beehive!!!!! But I love it when art inspires, when it empowers. That’s how I feel when I watch Kevin Spacey in ‘House of Cards’, empowered (can’t wait for season 4 next month!). It’s how I feel when I watch ‘The Good Wife’ crew in court winning cases, inspired (too bad the show is wrapping up). Or how I feel when I watch ‘Gilmore Girls’, like my son is my best friend (I’m glad it’s coming back on Netflix).

Inspiration comes in various forms

Inspiration comes in various forms, these are some of my favorite sources -a bit of everything

I’m appreciative of music that puts a spring in my step. I prefer to stay away from polarizing opinions (cases in point, Beyoncé’s ‘Formation’ song) when it comes to art, I won’t touch it with a ten-foot pole. I’ll play dumb because I very well might be –I truly feel inadequate to tackle such topics, mainly because I am getting schooled everyday on nuances I had no clue about in my pre-American life. So instead of spewing words on subjects I have not mastered, I believe this is the part of my life where I sit quietly, listen, observe, and learn. There will be plenty of opportunities to form firm opinions later once I understand better.

Yes, I did break into dance

Yes, I did break into dance 😉

Until then, I can be found here on my blog bouncing to Bey’s ‘Formation’. And just like I’ve observed my friend Pierrette do, I’ll too will continue to dance through life come sunshine and rain so my life can be my art and my inspiration. Thanks for checking in and dancing with me today!

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