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That fall weather

That fall weather 🙂

Hello loves! As promised, here’s another post so soon after the last one; I’m actually enjoying doing this, it kind of grows on you as you go along.

That yellow vibe

That yellow vibe

Today’s post is all about the yellow wellington boots that I’ve been in love with for about a year now. When I saw this pair a couple of months ago, I jumped on the flashy yellow ones (they had black ones too mind you) coz I just love the idea of juxtaposing cheerful yellow with winter grey skies. It feels like I’m injecting some sunshine into the dull skies, like bringing the sun down to earth, literally 🙂

A GreyDynasty creation

A greydynasty creation

I actually designed this plaid miniskirt myself. I walked into a fabric store, @JoAnnFabrics , and the colors were calling my name out loud. So I obliged and bought a yard of fabric, and an hour later I was wearing it as a miniskirt!

That yellow scarf

That yellow scarf

The yellow scarf is my creation as well after a brief shopping trip failed to turn up a decent scarf to accompany my beloved yellow skirt and boots combo.


The rain’s got nothing on me

My wellies… I’m so glad I found them, as I wanted to get them for a while. Now I just need to get them in red too then my heart will be content. I’m just not sure how that will work with the minimalist kick I’m on.

That yellow scarf

That river view

So can we wear yellow in fall/autumn or winter? I think we can. If it’s now okay to wear winter whites, it must be okay to bring in some yellow cheer to this drab weather I reckon. I’m not sure if I’m the only one that thinks of cheer when they see yellow. I once considered painting a room all yellow until I read in an interior design book that too much of it could irritate senses to the point of causing aggression –yikes!

Out to the pasture

Out to pasture

Darling hubby took these pictures on the Connecticut River bank on a quiet evening walk, that’s until I started goofing around jumping about like a lost rabbit -Lol! And with that, I bid you adieu, until the next post my loves!!


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