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Lady Chanel Boateng

Lady Chanel Boateng relaxing at The Hotel in Brussels

Last weekend was amazing! I had my friend, Lady Chanel, come visit out here in Brussels Belgium, the heart of Europe and home to the EU. Lady Chanel and I first met when hubby accompanied me to her meet and greet in NYC back in October. We shared a brief conversation for a moment, yet that moment seemed to last a lifetime. It felt like I was looking in the mirror, it was as if she and I had met in a previous life!

@chanelboateng NYC Meet & Greet Oct-2014

@chanelboateng NYC Meet & Greet Oct-2014

Hubby and I were in the UK last month for my graduation while visiting his family for the holidays. This gave us an opportunity to meet up with Lady Chanel and Mr. Ambrose once more for their amazing launch of their very own brand, @amby.rose line of makeup brush sets and eyelashes, an opportunity that saw our husbands connect and chat again.

Men At Work - Mr. Amby & Mr. Grey

Men At Work – Mr. Amby & Mr. Grey

I’ve previously mentioned that I make few but long-term, if not lifelong, friends. In Lady Chanel I feel like I have made another magical connection. We talked about life in general, plans, business, doubts, aspirations, hopes and dreams. With my life currently in transition, she was a great help in helping me put things into perspective.

UK - @amby.rose Launch Party

UK – hubby & I @amby.rose Launch Party

Being new in this particular blogging venture, my conversation with Lady Chanel who was so graciously generous with her advice, left me with a decent degree of clarity in terms of various options as regards the direction of my blogging; sometimes we just need that assurance that we’re on the right track. As I take baby steps, it’s comforting to know she is cheering me on.

Amby.Rose launch party

@amby.rose Launch Party

Some young Belgian fans recognized and discreetly approached Lady Chanel at Brussels Grand Place asking to take pictures with her. Such is her modesty that this simple gesture had us giggling with excitement like a pair of schoolgirls; her commitment to her fan base is admirable.

Belgian fans happening upon @chanelboateng at the Grand Place Brussels Belgium

Belgian fans recognized @chanelboateng at the Grand Place Brussels Belgium

This lady is #majorgoals and she has remained unbelievably humble and relatable through it all. Judging from any number of videos, anyone that watches her YouTube channel knows they are dealing with a genuine soul.

London - out to lunch

London – out to lunch

Speaking to Lady Chanel is like meeting my soul mate. On the various occasions we’ve had the pleasure of meeting, saying goodbye has been a bit of a drag because we’re never quite done talking; her birthday winter break here last weekend was not any different. We took pictures, window-shopped, toured the city and dined. She invited me to her luxurious hotel room at The Hotel in the heart of Brussels where we talked for hours on end and laughed like we hadn’t a care in the world. So many unfinished stories with this old soul and I can’t wait to hang out again!

Great minds think alike

Great minds think alike 🙂

Feature biography: Chanel Boateng is a UK-born Online Content Creator, Makeup Artist and Cosmetics brand owner. You can read her blog at chanelboateng.co.uk and follow her on Instagram and Twitter. You can also watch her YouTube channel and follow her makeup master classes at @chanelboatenglive.



  1. January 17, 2016 / 10:36 PM

    Awww loved this Mrs Grey! Your amazing, cannot wait to hang out again soon x

    • Grey Dynasty
      January 18, 2016 / 1:40 AM

      Thanks Lady Chanel, you’re the amazing one. Speak soon 🙂

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