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Out & about in London

Hello my lovelies! This week’s post comes to you from England where my family and I are at the moment, visiting with family and friends while attending to some official business here in the UK.

At Piccadilly Circus

At Piccadilly Circus, London

Hubby and I had the privilege of being invited to an amazing Black Tie event in London this weekend and decided to do a mini shoot afterwards. We didn’t take too many pictures as we’d just landed at Heathrow the night before and were still feeling a little jet-lagged. The dress is from Zara.

Dapper :)

Dapper 🙂

We walked London’s famed Regent Street while taking in the impressive Christmas decorations and enjoyed dinner at the Piccadilly Circus. It ended up being a late night afterall with us staying out till the wee hours taking in the London nightlife, which quite frankly is not that different from New York’s Times Square popping nightlife.

Regent Street, London

Regent Street, London

From whichever side of the pond you might be on, I hope you somewhat get to experience London’s nightlife vicariously through the pics. My clutch and earrings are both from Aldo.

Bringing sexy back

Bringing sexy back

I love the back detail on this @Zara dress; the sheer chiffon fabric accentuates the bodycon dress, the fabric of which is a blend of lycra and polyester.

Streets of London

Streets of London

I’m having a bit of a busy week running around but since we’ll still be here for another week or so, we’ll do our best to have a real red-themed London shoot for you guys. Until next week, bye now!!

All Photo credit: Steven Grey


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