The London Shoot

That London Life

That London Life

Hello my darlings! Hope you’ve all had an amazing week. Mine’s been busy, running up and down the English coast trying to get things done. As I promised last week, we executed a red-themed London shoot this weekend in honor of all thing traditionally English, which happens to be hubby’s home country. So here goes, hope you enjoy!

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Busses, busses, double-decker busses everywhere!

Busses, busses, double-decker busses everywhere!

And more busses

And more busses and London Taxis

Let's make that call

Call me maybe?

Let's mail that postcard :)

Let’s mail that postcard 🙂

Pledging allegiance

Pledging allegiance, I guess?

Back view

I’m walking away

It's not complete without a Nando's now, is it?

It’s not complete without a Nando’s now, is it?

Oxford Street

Oxford Street

True to England, the rain came

True to English weather, the rain came

The dress is from Oasis and the jacket is from Next.

Until the next post, toodles!!



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